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InsidePro Software offers professional and free solutions for recovering passwords to hashes!

Our Forum unites the world's best experts in hash and password recovery; its features:
        – Devoted to recovering passwords to hashes of all types.
        – Here you can always get help on recovering your passwords.
        – Forum already contains over 200 thousand messages!

Hash Manager is a solution for recovering passwords to hashes; its features:
        – Supports over 400 hashing algorithms.
        – Contains over 70 additional utilities for handling hashes, passwords, and dictionaries.
        – Optimized for working with large hash lists.
        – Comes in 64-bit version, which is much faster on many algorithms.
        – Supports unlimited number of loadable hashes, as well as dictionaries, rules, and masks.
        – Supports all most efficient hash attacks.
        – Supports multithreading.
        – Recovers passwords in Unicode.
        – Has modular architecture.
        – And much more.

Hash Finder service is designed for looking up hashes in a huge database; its features:
        – Does not require registration.
        – Supports over 100 hashing algorithms, including salted hashes.
        – Supports hash list lookup (up to 100000 lines).
        – Contains only real hashes and passwords (over 1 billion records).
        – Automatically detects algorithm.
        – For mixed lists, returns results on each algorithm separately.
        – Accumulates found hashes in a queue, which is continuously being processed.
        – Acquires new real hashes and passwords on a daily basis.
        – The service has validated over 3 billion hashes!

Hash Verifier service is designed for automatic verification of hashes and passwords; its features:
        – Does not require registration.
        – Supports all most popular hashing algorithms.
        – Supports hash list verification (up to 1000 lines).
        – Stores links to successful verification for specified amount of time.
        – Supports user names and salts in the Hex format.
        – The service has verified over 50 thousand hashes!

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